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Next episode: January 7th, 2014

Episode title: 4x14 | Who's In The Box?   
                                                                               After the revelation that Alison is indeed alive, the liars are ready to start a new chapter.
Who is in Alison's casket? Find out January 7, 2014 during, "Who's in the Box?" [4x14]
The Winter Premiere begins the rest of Season 4 that will end with , "A is for Answers" [4x24]


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"EZRA IS A" MASTERPOST » PART 10 » EPISODES #48, 50, 52, 53

1-4. It Happened “That Night” [Season THREE, Episode ONE] - Stolen Goods. Ezra reads about Maya finding some of Ali’s things before she died and a few episodes later, A has Maya’s bag and is frantically sifting through it. Hmm.

Lack of empathy. Why would you tell a 17 year-old girl that she can’t mourn the day her best friend died? 

A new leader. We find out that somebody new is behind the A game and the first order is business was littering the girl’s car with photographs. Perhaps taken by Ezra and one of his million cameras?

5. Blood is the New Black [Season THREE, Episode TWO] - An apology. But why is apologizing about Maya so important to Ezra? We know that A got a hold of her bag, even if they weren’t the one who killed her. I feel like we’ll hear more about this in the future.

6. Kingdom of the Blind [Season THREE, Episode THREE] - Separation Anxiety. A would certainly know a lot about the stress of keeping things separate, wouldn’t he? Especially when a few episodes later, Aria finds $50,000 tucked away in his sock drawer.

7-8. That Girl is Poison [Season THREE, Episode FIVE] - Double meanings. In this episode, we see Ezra dodging Jenna any chance he gets, which is interesting given his insistence that Aria tries to mend fences with her in the past.  She can’t help but point her comment at him,suggesting that perhaps he’s good at capturing every single moment too.

When life hands you limes… The lime in Ezra’s fridge is mentioned for the second time this episode. You can’t help but pair these references with the various scenes of A sipping a drink with lime.

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"EZRA IS A" MASTERPOST » PART 7 » EPISODES #23, 25, 27, 29, 31 & 32

1-2. It’s Alive [Season TWO, Episode ONE] - A clue in the classroom. Ian was hung by a rope inside the bell tower, similar to the hangman written on Mr. Fitz chalkboard. Since Mona didn’t push him, she wouldn’t know that.

Repeat offender. Is it a coincidence that whoever killed Ian texted the exact same thing Ezra said to Aria earlier that day?

3. My Name is Trouble [Season ONE, Episode THREE] - Play on words. Ezra tells Aria that she can run but she can’t hide. A few days later, Ian’s faked suicide note says, “I can’t run”, with the word “hide” crossed out next to it. The note would have been written around the time of their conversation.

4. The Devil You Know [Season TWO, Episode FIVE] - A thru Z. Emily gets a text about the shortest distance from point A to B being the long way around. That would put you at “Z”, the nickname Ezra adopted in college and revealed at the beginning of this episode. 

5. Surface Tension [Season TWO, Episode SEVEN] - Eavesdropper. After Aria walks away to talk to Jason at an awkward dinner, Ezra’s friendly disposition disappears and he goes into spy mode. 

6. Picture This [Season TWO, Episode NINE] - Exposed. Spencer and Emily find pictures in Jason’s makeshift darkroom. Of Aria sleeping. Only Aria.

7-8. Touched By An A-ngel [Season TWO, Episode TEN] - The photographer. Jason explains that he found the pictures of Aria. They were Alison’s. But neither of them remember her taking pictures. Could it be that she stole someone else’s film like she stole Ian’s home movies? Maybe from someone who owns a lot of vintage camera’s who also took pictures of her?

Location, location, location. Ezra rushes to Aria’s aid when he finds out she’s with Jason. But how did he know she was at his house? And how did he know how to get there?

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"EZRA IS A" MASTERPOST » PART 6 » EPISODES #18, 19, 21 & 22

1. The Badass Seed [Season ONE, Episode EIGHTEEN] - A friendly gesture. It doesn’t look like much now, but what seemed like a friendly request turns into a tangled web.

2-4. A Person of Interest [Season ONE, Episode NINETEEN] - The Jenzra effect. The most ignored text on the show. We’re 4 seasons in and we still haven’t seen Aria scared about Ezra’s relationship with Jenna but if you pay close attention, it looks like she still should be.

We’re getting warmer. Ezra is late after working with Jenna. Meanwhile, Toby and Spencer have found her glasses at the motel it looks like she’s staying at. They’re woken to a recording of her flute music for Mr. Fitz’s play and a message from A. They’re getting colder. We’re getting warmer.

5-6. Monsters in the End [Season ONE, Episode TWENTY-ONE] - A hidden past. Aria uses Ezra’s spare key and ends up bumping into the fact that Ezra was engaged to be married. When she confronts him about it, he shares very little. Later that night, A is seen removing the key. Was it Mona or was Ezra spooked by Aria’s snooping?

7-8. For Whom the Bells Toll [Season ONE, Episode TWENTY-TWO] - Who done it? Mona didn’t pushed Ian. She doesn’t even know who did. Which brings us to…

Body Language. If you didn’t know better, you’d think this gif was taken from the same episode. Whether coincidental or structured for a future reveal, it’s worth noting.

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"EZRA IS A" MASTERPOST » PART 11 » EPISODES #53, 55, 56, 57 & 58

1-3. The Remains of the A [Season THREE, Episode SIX] - Hide and Sought. Aria stumbles upon a massive amount of money hidden is Ezra sock drawer. It looks to be the same amount Jason DiLaurentis was offering for Alison’s remains… which we know A has.

Liar, liar. Ezra has a logical explaination for the money. He sold a car for extra cash. All is forgiven and understood, until he looks back at the money drawer with those lying eyes of his.

Wanted. Ezra has been obsessed with the newpaper lately and now A is looking through the classifieds. 

4-5. Stolen Kisses [Season THREE, Episode EIGHT] - F. Scott Fitz? Aria meets Ezra’s mom and only then finds out that Fitz isn’t even his real last name. It must be pretty easy to hide your past when people wouldn’t even know which name to look under.

Like mother, like son. Ezra’s mother knows an alarming amount about Aria’s family. She even mentions being able to chart her life just like Ezra seems to be doing in his lair. Does she know what he’s been up to?

6. The Kahn Game [Season THREE, Episode NINE] - Double your money. At the end of the last episode, we see A retrieving $50,000 from the bank, which put Ezra in the clear. Except in the next episode, he explains to Aria that he needs to get the car back and the guy wants double what he offered. The money is his sock drawer plus the money A took out of the bank in the previous episode is exactly that.

7. What Lies Beneath [Season THREE, Episode TEN] - I’d like to buy a vowel. Lets be real. A is hanging out in their lair watching Wheel of Fortune. The clues are getting more and more obvious.

8. Single Fright Female [Season THREE, Episode ELEVEN] - Vinyl. This episode puts Ezra in front of his record player, acknowledging his older musical tastes. At the end, we see A jamming to the oldies. 

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okay so my friend just brought up to me

that ezra had a cut on his hand when he gave the phone to aria

and spenc is going to realize it and figure out he was who she fought in the green house

im not commpletely sure i couldve just been the lighting



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❝I love you, Hanna Marin.❞
(Caleb (As I cry tears and say NO)

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On the one year anniversary of Alison’s disappearance in the Pilot episode of PLL, we see the newspaper featuring Alison’s photo and the caption “STILL MISSING” is thrown right in front of the Montgomery House.
Could this be a small clue that Aria could be the reason Alison is “STILL MISSING” considering they chose to show us the paper right in front of her house specifically?


On the one year anniversary of Alison’s disappearance in the Pilot episode of PLL, we see the newspaper featuring Alison’s photo and the caption “STILL MISSING” is thrown right in front of the Montgomery House.

Could this be a small clue that Aria could be the reason Alison is “STILL MISSING” considering they chose to show us the paper right in front of her house specifically?